IRPA Supports and Protects the Interests of the Indiana Refreshment Services Industry

The Indiana Refreshment Providers Association monitors the Indiana legislative and regulatory processes to defeat or mitigate onerous legislation and rules and to capitalize on positive legislation.  The IRPA maintains a lobbyist who is at the Statehouse every day during the legislative session and monitors agency regulation during the interim when the legislature is not in session.  The IRPA protects the refreshment services industry 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The IRPA is proud of its history of legislative success.  You can view the comprehensive list (where ?) but recent successes include codifying the definition of a micro market in statute and achieving sales tax parity with all other retailers.  But we cannot rest on our laurels as we anticipate future legislative challenges like mandatory recycling and soft drink taxes and regulatory challenges such as the updating of the food safety rules. 

  • Passed sales tax parity legislation
  • Passed legislation establishing the definition of micro market in the Indiana Code
  • Defeated onerous and expensive bottle and can recycling legislation
  • Negotiated amendments to food transportation legislation proposed by Indiana State Police
  • Passed legislation increasing penalties for vending machine vandalism
  • Passed sales tax exemption for paper goods tht facilitate the serving or consumption of food
  • Passed legislation allowing taxpayers to file a consolidated return with the County Assessor
  • Defeated legislation requiring nutritional information to be listed for all items sold from a vending machine
  • Defeated legislation establishing unlimited inspection fees on food establishments which include vending businesses

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Legislation Updates

Sales Tax Parity Legislation Passed in 2018 – see Documents and Articles in Member’s Only section for copy of the legislation.

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